About the program

The Graduate Program in Pharmacology aims to promote the development of the scientific spirit of students and their familiarization with the updated information of the various areas of Pharmacology, thus enabling them to critically exercise teaching and research activities.

To achieve these objectives, research projects are developed in the program employing from classical pharmacological approaches to more recent techniques of molecular biology.

The program has wide recognition, both nationally and internationally. Already formed, from 1970 (year of creation of the program) until 2014, 331 Masters and 241 Doctors. A recent survey found that approximately 68% of the latter are in public education or research institutions, 8% in private institutions, 11% in postdoctoral studies and only 11% have left the academic life. Many of these alumni occupy a prominent position in the national pharmacological scenario. As for the international aspect, the laboratory linked to the program maintains collaborations with international laboratories, expressed in joint projects and publications, mutual visits of researchers and trainees of our students via, for example, sandwich doctorates and ex-post doctorate internships From the program.

The Graduate Program in Pharmacology has permanent professors and collaborators, thus maintaining the quality and performance that have always characterized it. Teachers have maintained financial resources through the largest and most respected development entities, such as CAPES, CNPq and FAPESP, among others.